Staples Family
1930 - 2021
Burial Information
Burial Date
July 16, 2022
Burial Time
11:00 AM
Burial Location
Old Methodist Cemetery, Belmont
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Dr. Eric Eugene Staples, of Ancaster, ON, invites family and friends of the Staples family to the committal of his father, Reginald Eugene (1932-2018), born at Staples Brook, NS and later settled in Hamilton, ON, eldest son of the late William and Essie Staples, late brother Eric Rowe, and surviving brother of Garth E. Staples, Truro; his mother, Frances Elaine (1930-2010), born in Madoc, ON; and sister Arlene Frances (1960-2021), born in Hamilton, ON. My mother loved Belmont and thought of it as ‘home’ after marrying into the Staples family. My sister and I did as well and spent most of our summers growing up at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Belmont. Arlene always had a wish to come back and visit Belmont.

All were cremated at the time of their deaths and being alone now in Hamilton, there was a lingering question of what to do with their urns. Thanks to Uncle Garth and Aunt Heather, this side of the Staples family finds their way back home and I will be interred here too when I pass.

A small committal ceremonyled by Garth E. Staples, will be held at the Old Methodist Cemetery in Belmont on July 16, 2022, at 11am.

A special thank you to my Uncle Garth and Aunt Heather for all your support in helping me through this journey. I also want to thank Mary Teed for her assistance with the cemetery and Heritage Memorials Limited who created the headstone. As well, I wish to thank P.X. Dermody Funeral Home in Hamilton, ON and Mattatall-Varner Funeral Home in assisting with the logistics and arrangements for bringing my family back home toNova Scotia.