A Traditional Funeral Service fulfills many of a family's needs at a time of loss. From care of your loved one to the administrative tasks to the gathering of friends and family for times of support and tribute, the funeral home handles it all. From your initial contact with us, we are there to coordinate all service plans, obtain all of the permits, documents and registrations required and provide dignified professional care of the person who has died. We will provide or arrange the facilities necessary for periods of visitation as well as the funeral service and even arrange a reception to follow if so desired. We maintain an extensive selection of merchandise from which you may choose whatever suits your tastes and needs. Our service also includes the use of all automobiles for the dignified transport of the deceased and the clergy as well as the provision of any stationary required such as register book and memorial cards. We can contact clergy, cemeteries, caterers and prepare media notices on your behalf. We are there to advise you on flowers, tributes, eulogies and other matters. Death announcements are published on our website which also collects messages of condolence and memorial tributes which we gather and pass along to you. After the service we continue to assist your family in any way possible including guidance in matters of estate settlement.

A Funeral Service with cremation still allows for virtually all of the services mentioned above. We offer opportunities for friends and family to gather, share support and express their feelings, either before or after cremation takes place. Again, from your first contact with us, the funeral home will coordinate all service plans. The funeral director will obtain all of the required permits, documents and registrations and arrange for the cremation to be completed at the appropriate time respecting family wishes and legislative requirements. We will provide or arrange facilities for visitation, services and receptions as you request. Vehicles, stationary and all other services and supplies are made available. With the choice of cremation, some families choose to have a service or gathering at a later date or in a unique location. Your funeral director will be more than willing to help you explore your options and make arrangements to suit your needs.

As noted above receptions are now a routine service provided by our funeral home. Families making arrangements with us often find it convenient to make use of our dedicated reception facilities for gatherings after the funeral. Your funeral director can show you the room and explain the catering options we have available. And we provide a host who oversees your function and cleans up afterward.